Payment Platform System Function Introduction

Fully customizable payment platform that promotes your brand and logo


Explore international market opportunities by adding corresponding currencies.


Break language barriers to gain trust of consumers abroad by having a platform they understand.

Hassle-free system integration

Our technology experts provide the full system integration needed by the company.

Streamlined transaction APIs

PPS has streamlined APIs for payment, account registration, and remittance that’s easy to use.

Card interlock

Use the customizable cards to seamlessly complete transactions from consumers who have international brand cards. Withdraw local currencies in ATM anywhere in the world using PPS.

Use credit card to reload card

Reload PPS card using VISA and Mastercard credit card brands for immediate funds.

Bitcoin transactions

Use PPS account to make Bitcoin transactions. Deposit, pay, and convert Bitcoin to local currencies, it’s easy.

BitGo™ Instant

CoinPayments supports BitGo Instant making Bitcoin payments faster than ever before.

Secured with BitGo

BitGo multi-signature wallet technology ensures robust fund security.

Increase revenue

Startup companies with PPS have their revenue increase as a result of loyal customers using the wallet.

Build your company image

Choose any from the 500 design cards to personalize brand.

Integrate new cryptocurrencies

PPS accepts other crowdfunded cryptocurrencies through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) for merchants gearing towards diversified cryptocurrency transactions.