Payment Platform Solution

Solution that supports the seamless integration of a series of transactions such as membership, businesses system, group that meets global standards to support businesses’ efficient and safe transaction needs.

Payment platform design is fully customizable to meet the payment demands of businesses

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At Payment Platform Solution we cater online businesses who want to be ahead in the competition using cutting-edge payment technology solutions.

Corporate Branding

Integrate our solution in your system using your own brand and logo for promotion.

Platform Setup

Fast platform setup lets you start earning profit as soon as possible.

Initial Setup

Initial setup is free! We prepare plans that can be done without risk of introduction.

Full Revenue

Creating a new revenue with various commission channel is possible for startup companies.

Payment Method

We offer a variety of payment methods that meet global market demands.

Membership Companies

Payment of membership companies' commissions and collection of membership fees takes time and labor. By introducing PPS, we greatly reduce working time and cost.

PPS is recommended for the following companies :

  • Membership organizations or companies

  • Online entrepreneurs who want to explore the global market

  • Organizations seeking for donations

  • Entertainers’ fans clubs or sports teams

  • Companies wanting to collect regular membership fees

PPS Service is regarded as stored value facility under Singapore regulations. Payment Platform Solution the holder of the PPS stored value facility, does not require the approval of monetary of Singapore. Users are advised to read Terms & Conditions.