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Merchants account feature list

Payment options

The merchant's funds are transferred instantly through the user's PPS, PPS users can deposit to theirs PPS accounts through the following ways

The three major credit card brands in the world
If users have bitcoins, they can be transferred through bitgo to PPS accounts.
Local Bank
Local Bank Transfer in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong.
According to your needs, you can increase any currency you want, and the system acquiescence US dollar account.
In addition, PPS accepts other crowdfunded cryptocurrencies through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) for merchants gearing towards diversified cryptocurrency transactions.
Streamlined transaction APIs
PPS has streamlined APIs for payment, account registration, and remittance that’s easy to use.


The transfer function is not only for you to transfer to your users, but also for transferring to merchant accounts regularly and further to your other bank accounts around the world.

Wire transfer
Transfer your funds any time to any SWIFT bank that meets our compliance policy.
Local bank transfer
Through PPS partners, you are supported to remit money through local banks to overseas banks.
Prepaid Card
Cards can be charged directly from the corporate account and can be recharged at any time. The cards can be used at any ATM and POS around the world.
Bulk Transfer
Bulk transfers can save you a lot of time from managing membership funds. All you need to do is to set it up according to your payout plans, or upload a CSV, everything can be done automatically.
Crypto currency account
The PPS system comes with a crypto currency account, and funds can also be converted to crypto currency to most crypto currency wallets.

Interface & Report

Strong background management interface so you can easily understand the revenue situation and view retail transactions.

The ease of use of UI
Transfer your funds at any time to any SWIFT bank that meet our compliance policy.
Break language barriers to gain trust of consumers abroad by having a platform they understand.
Through the management system, you can check your amount of users, their balance and other information that can assist your marketing strategy.